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As a professional artist, my 35-year career has been inspired by the beauty and diversity of the natural world
and its power to influence. My life’s work, the “Orchid Alliance Project-Bridging Art & Science”, uses orchids as a
metaphor, to explore cultural and biological evolution, biodiversity and environmental stewardship through
art. I view orchids as a flagship plant family or ambassador to tell stories about the interconnectedness of
humanity and the natural world.

My oeuvre explores the fundamental attractive shapes and designs of nature where symmetry, color, and
pattern all play important roles on nature’s grand stage of attraction. Like the orchid’s deceptive pollination
strategies, my paintings interweave 60-80 layers of transparent oil color, over a textural groundwork of
botanical impressions to engage the senses and incite passion. My signature style uses layers of paint to capture
light, animating the surfaces to achieve vibrancy, luminosity and drama.

My orchid paintings encourage you to come along on a journey of awareness to discover hidden secrets,
wondrous beauty and unlimited possibility in the realm of the sublime
"Orchids In the Realm of the Sublime"
A Solo Exhibition of Orchid Paintings
by Patricia Laspino
January 9 – March 8, 2015
Endorsed and
Supported by
The Orchid Alliance Project - Bridging Art & Science,
designed by artist Patricia Laspino, is an important endeavor
with global significance.

Using orchids as a metaphor, the collaborative project explores
connections between art and science, uniting participants who
share a common sensibility for global stewardship.

The watchword of the Orchid Alliance Project is “Awareness”.
Seeking to increase awareness and appreciation for the beauty
and diversity of the natural world, the project links the historical,
biological and cultural significance of the orchid  through  the
vehicle of art.
Alice B
Original Oil on Canvas, 72" x 48"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar
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